One Express Convention: achievements and new objectives on stage

  • One Express Convention: achievements and new objectives on stage

    One Express Convention: achievements and new objectives on stage

    Great participation and enthusiasm at the Annual Convention of One Express, a network bringing together over 120 companies specialized in transporting goods by pallet throughout Italy. Among the announced innovations, the project for a new warehouse, already under construction.

    Not only the celebration of past successes, but also the announcement of important future projects at the annual convention of One Express, the leading pallet network in Italy.

    Over 330 participants, 50% more than in 2015, for the eighth One Express Convention, the annual event that gathers all the affiliates of the Network, held in Bologna on 2nd April. The event was an opportunity to share the successes achieved in the previous year, and to announce development strategies for 2016 already promisingly underway.

    To enthuse guests, gathered from all over Italy, was Claudio Franceschelli, President of One Express, who with some emotion announced the expansion of the main Bologna-Interport facility: “For us, it is a great confirmation of success, having already to expand our facility opened just one year and a half ago. The team is growing rapidly and with it our operations, allowing us to deliver every day throughout Europe. To meet this momentum, we have already given the go-ahead for the construction of new facility, which will be added to the current one. With 14,000 square metres and 118 more bays, within the year, we will have a facility identical to the current one, thus doubling our potential and improving further still the already impressive level of service”.

    Since 2007, the year One Express was established, the group has shown steady growth, with ever greater quality service, thanks to the huge efforts of the whole team. In 2015, the company saw the number of shareholders grow from 6 to 25, a clear signal confirming the success achieved in the first 8 years of operation.

    Today, the group has over 120 affiliates, companies specialized in goods transportation by pallet, spread throughout the country and providing extensive coverage of the whole peninsula. The Convention also provided an opportunity to reward those companies that have distinguished themselves with excellent performance, helping to maintain extremely high quality standards for the benefit of customers and the entire Network.

    Among the novelties presented by the management was the new corporate magazine, conceived to give voice to all affiliates, in both Italian and English, across other countries in which One Express operates as part of ALLNET, the alliance of four European pallet networks that allows One Express affiliates to transport customer’s goods right across Europe every single day, with delivery times of 48/72 hours, depending on the destination, at highly competitive prices.

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