Affiliate One Express is very special. With our network, we can accommodate any customer request with the most specific requirements and ship freight within 24-48-72 hours throughout Italy and Europe.


One Express Affiliates are deeply rooted in their territory. This means they know their customers well as well as their needs – from taking care with pick-ups, to paying attention in all phases of shipments. Continuous feedback is always available and provided through Track & Trace.


We can guarantee a truly unique flexibility for PLT-type express shipments. We transport everything every day throughout Italy and Europe with our standardised formats for maximum customer satisfaction.


We show our customer focus on a daily basis – from collection schedules, to the branch operator’s direct line, along with the ability to solve problems even in the rarest of incidents or where freight has been damage.

Quality and safety

Customers associate our brand with quality. Shipments are monitored every step of the way – they are weighed, measured, photographed and monitored (24 hours a day).


We have new, high-performance warehouses (HBO-HMI-HNA) that are not so widespread in the Italian transport sector. In our videos, customers can see how and where their goods are handled. One Express makes a difference here too.


Follow shipments in real time both on our website and on the dedicated iONE App for mobile and tablet devices.


We are known for our financial strength and serious approach. This translates into a trustworthy manner appreciated by our suppliers, providing consistent accuracy in payments. This creates a highly motivated atmosphere and commitment at all shipment stages.


We have been successfully transporting fragile goods such as wine, oil, foodstuffs and ADR goods, for major brands for 15 years. The market has displayed continued confidence in our services.

Best value for money

Our prices are the most competitive in the market and they are supported by our infrastructure and the ‘One Express System’. Based on technological innovation, this proprietary software is supported by artificial intelligence, impressive teams and continuous training, all working together to guarantee the best KPIs.

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Why ship your pallets with One Express?

Efficient, competitive shipments

The fastest, guaranteed pallet shipping for the best value for money.

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One Express hauliers – superior distribution specialists!

State-of-the-art logistics

Cut your costs through standardisation of measurements, modular loads and impeccable organisation.

One Express - a tried-and-tested franchise network

The experience and organisation of a franchise network spread across Italy and Europe, offering the highest quality and safety standards.