Another unforgettable ONE DAY!

Saturday 11 May 2024: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!

Hosted for the first time in the 9.6 hub of our headquarters in Bologna and used as a conference hall, in the presence of over 200 people from our Affiliates.

President Claudio Franceschelli, the Board of Directors and the entire One Express management team presented the new 2024 services and business tools for all Affiliates and Customers.

Thanks to attentive participation, we talked about innovation in information systems and how difficult it was to deal with a real IT revolution: a collective effort that gives us great prospects and further improves the quality of our services.

We also explained in detail the new Value Pallet service, which provides additional security guarantees to customers shipping valuable goods on our pallets, and which represents an extra business opportunity to all Affiliates, positioning them at the highest level of the industry, enabling them to become suppliers to new companies! Our insurers have explained how investing in the security of the most valuable pallets also has an immediate beneficial effect on One’s profit and loss account…

That is why it is good to learn more about how Value Pallets are prepared, by following the tutorial below to make them to perfection; just like our colleagues who tried to prepare one, right on stage.

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An involved packaging consultant from the dedicated One team also illustrated some solutions that make it impossible to steal goods from a Value Pallet with impunity.

The new services designed for the large-scale retail trade were also enthusiastically received by the audience: the participants immediately realised that they could increase One Affiliates’ penetration (and thus their turnover) in this increasingly competitive market.

And during the question time, interesting discussions on operational details, for which One’s management is always available to everyone 24/7.

The innovative Eni HVO fuel, entirely vegetable-based, and its advantageous use in agreement with our Purchasing Centre, closed the Convention.
Another invaluable step on our path towards the Green Pallet and the Sustainability Report!

At the opening and closing of the event, refreshments and a light lunch in the street-food style that has made One’s events famous throughout the industry were much appreciated: a small taste of our next Reunion in September: THE FAMILY LAND 2024, which is expected to be attended by 3000 people! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Another announced One Express success!

On Saturday 11 May, in one of our hubs at Interporto Bologna, the 9.6 for the first time used as a conference hall, there was great participation in the launch event for One’s new services.

For Affiliates, management and the Board of Directors, it was an opportunity to meet and compare notes, but also to motivate, train and exchange ideas, in order to make our commercial offer even stronger in Italy and Europe. Thanks to the new services, our journey towards Excellence continues!

The ‘dances’ were opened by the evocative emotional video, the brainchild of our President Claudio Franceschelli who, during one of his visits to our hubs, had an intuition: that of the forklifts frantically moving goods to and from the bays, it looks like a wonderful dance!

Thanks to all our employees and Affiliates for their daily care and commitment that make our slogan possible: One Express One Quality!

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One Express consolidates ties with Palibex and Ulma Spain: two days of exchange and growth

One Express had the pleasure of meeting our Spanish partner Palibex and one of its prestigious customers, Ulma Spain.

Two days to get to know each other better and to discuss further developments in our collaboration, which is bearing excellent fruit for our Affiliates and their Customers. In the presence of One Express President, Claudio Franceschelli, and One Express Europe Customer Service Manager, Alessandro Gagliardelli, a guided tour of our Hub to fully enjoy the fascinating handling of pallets at impressive speeds.

Thanks for the very welcome visit to Óscar Nevado, Lluis Gay and Carles Muñoz of Palibex, Aitor Montero of Palibex La Rioja, Jokin Alberdi Iriondo and Aitzol of ULMA Architectural Spain.

One Express, from 2024 even more international

The year 2024 will also be full of surprises in terms of our international service. In the meantime, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, new partners have entered. Others will enter between now and the end of 2024.
The service is becoming more and more efficient. We have a service for some countries, such as Spain, which is Gold, so it is a fast service, because from the time it arrives in Barcelona, it only takes 24-48 hours and is delivered throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
This is a great strength of our company. Soon we will be joined by other partners from Northern Europe, who will also cover some services in which we were somewhat lacking.
What we want to do, is to offer services all over Europe every day, but also with a speed that can give a different service to the market.
The Munich Transport Logistic fair gave us very good results and this will allow us to grow significantly in the market. We are providing great assistance to our affiliates for goods destined for Europe.

One Express, the new Three-Year Development Plan

In 2024 we have planned an investment strategy for the next three years (2024, 2025, 2026). This plan is ambitious and innovative, aiming to provide development opportunities and reduce costs for our Affiliates. It envisages investments in artificial intelligence and digital, with a focus on implementing revolutionary solutions.
We are striving to be pioneers in this area, not only within our industry but also on a broader scale. However, we cannot disclose too many details at the moment, as we want to prioritise the implementation of these innovations before sharing the details. This initiative will significantly benefit our Affiliates, who will be able to improve their performance and gain a larger market share.

One Express: the smarter Network

One Express, a Network bringing together over 120 companies specialized in transporting goods by pallet throughout Italy, launches its application for smart-phones and tablets, to make dispatch management even easier and more immediate. Presented at the 2016 Convention, the One Express Pic & Go App will be available to all affiliates from early May.
In order to make the management of deliveries and pickups faster, the Network IT department has designed and developed the new application One Express Pic & Go, designed to allow all drivers of affiliated companies to easily and quickly manage everyday jobs via smart-phone or tablet, an efficient tool always at hand.

One Express Convention: achievements and new objectives on stage

Great participation and enthusiasm at the Annual Convention of One Express, a network bringing together over 120 companies specialized in transporting goods by pallet throughout Italy. Among the announced innovations, the project for a new warehouse, already under construction.
Not only the celebration of past successes, but also the announcement of important future projects at the annual convention of One Express, the leading pallet network in Italy.