At One Academy, a new step towards success for our Affiliates!

31 May 2024, Bologna, One Express headquarters: The course ‘Strategy and digital transformation in the world of logistics and transport: how to innovate business and succeed’ was an excellent investment for all and a day dedicated to the personal and professional growth of Affiliates registered at One Academy.

The focus on digital can also become a strategic priority in the world of logistics and transport, where there is increasing pressure on costs, combined with the need to increase one’s level of customer service.

We talked about all this together with Damiano Frosi and Antonio Ghezzi in the stimulating one-day discussion involving the owners of our affiliated companies who want to face the challenges of innovation with a strategic perspective. Thanks to this lecture, this day generated great enthusiasm among the owners, who were even more motivated to get hold of all the tools to be more successful. One of the critical factors is continuous training, to which the One Academy is dedicated.

The One Academy courses, since 2015, have been a valuable tool, enriched by important collaborations, such as today’s one with the Milan Polytechnic, the result of the continuous improvement policy adopted by One Express to foster the growth of Affiliates and their staff.