Can I import/export freight to/from the UK?

Yes, freight can continue to be traded with the UK, but new post-Brexit customs regulations must be complied with.

What are the new required regulations?

Companies exporting and importing to both Italy and the UK must have an EORI code valid for EU/UK trade.
More information on the EORI code can be found at the following link:

Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency – EOS (EORI + AEO) (
Get an EORI number – GOV.UK (

What documents must I issue to export freight to the UK?

Documents to be issued are as follows, to comply with regulations:

  • Commercial sales invoice or, for free gifts, pro forma invoice showing the declared value of goods for customs purposes only. The following data must be included in the documents:

I. Invoice issuer including EORI code;
II. Invoice recipient including valid EORI GB code;
III. Description of the goods with the relevant customs code (TARIC) from the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency – TARIC Customs Tariff – Catalogue of online services (
IV. Gross weight;
V. Net weight;
VI. Total number of pallets;
VII. Goods Return Conditions (EXW-DDP-DAP-FCA…) as per Incoterms 2000 which you can find and download from the Via1 network; Incoterms® Rules 2020 – ICC Italian International Chamber of Commerce
VIII. Invoice value;
IX. If the goods are of Italian origin, enter the following stamped and signed wording: “The exporter of the goods covered by this document declares that, unless otherwise stated, the goods are of EU/Italian origin”
X. If the invoice has several TARIC codes, issue a packing list where the goods are grouped by code, indicating the gross weight, net weight and value for each customs item;

  • Free export declaration (you can download the facsimile from Via1 in the download section);
  • Representative mandate (can be found in Via1 in the download section).

I am an Italian company. Can I export wine or other spirits and/or foodstuffs to an English company?

The handling of food and alcoholic goods for the UK is a dedicated service.
You need special health certificates and excise warehouses to handle these shipments.
It is mandatory to send the documentation to before entering the shipment to proceed with the feasibility check.

Where can I find the required forms?

In the download section of Via1.

What documents are needed to import from the UK?

The required documents are:

  • Commercial sales invoice complete with the same required data as for export;
  • Check the requirements for declaring the preferential origin of goods for customs purposes;
  • Any declaration of intent for VAT exemption;
  • VAT and any customs duties are payable at the time of customs clearance.

What is an EORI code and when is it valid?

A valid EORI code is the consignee’s VAT number preceded by the origin country code (in this case IT/GB), which is validated at the customs office or Chamber of Commerce and allows trade between EU and non-EU countries.

Should freight be shipped on fumigated pallets?

Yes, freight must be shipped on fumigated pallets that comply with ISPM-15. Otherwise the freight will be blocked and stored, and costs for palletisation on fumigated pallets will be charged.

Which incoterms should I use and when?

The incoterms to be used are as follows:

  • DAP: When transport and responsibility for the freight are borne by the sender, but import customs clearance and duties are the responsibility of the consignee;
  • DDP: In addition to freight transport and responsibility, the sender also bears the costs of customs clearance at import;
  • EXW: The sender bears only the costs of export customs clearance. Transport, liability and import customs charges are borne by the recipient;
  • FCA: The sender pays the export customs charges, and the freight transport and liability costs to the carrier’s warehouse. From the carrier’s warehouse to the transport destination, liability and import customs charges are borne by the recipient.

I am a company. Can I send freight to a private individual resident in the UK?

Shipment is only possible if the recipient has a valid EORI code or if the recipient purchases goods for his own use and consumption, without the goods being intended for resale.

I am a private individual. Can I send goods to another private individual resident in the UK?

No, One Express cannot handle trade between two private individuals.

I am an Italian company. Can I import wine or other spirits and/or foodstuffs from an English company?

Yes, they can be imported as long as the Italian company has a regular licence to import spirits where wine or other spirits are being imported and pays any excise, VAT and customs duties. For foodstuffs, our customs correspondent will need to issue the necessary health certificates.

How long does it take to clear freight through customs?

At present, it is not possible to quantify the time it takes to clear the freight through customs, as it depends on bureaucracy and customs timelines and is beyond One Express’ control.

How do I know if the documentation is correct? Who should I contact for information?

To find out if the documentation is correct or to obtain information, please contact:

What happens if the freight entered into HBO is not provided with the correct documentation?

If freight is entered into HBO without the correct documentation and if the documentation is not received within 3 days from the date of entry into HBO, the freight will be taken to a bonded warehouse and storage costs (2 euros per pallet per day) + handling costs (10 euros per pallet) will be charged.