Number one for pallet shipments in Italy

One Express has become the best Pallet Network in Italy in just 15 years and is now the leading express pallet consignment service in Europe. THE express pallet service! We are now known as The One!
Established in 2008 with just 35 Affiliates, we handled 363,300 pallets per year. Today we have 135 Affiliates and currently handle 2,829,278 pallets every year.

One Express One Team

Our skilled, experienced people follow a continuous training plan so they can take care of your freight, exactly as you would.

One Express One Growth

In recent months new European affiliations have been added to our network of more than 135 carriers – number one in their territory, delivering more than 13,000 pallets per day.

One Express One Tech

Dedicated software, developed in-house by an Enterprise IT department, is supported by Artificial Intelligence, allowing the logistic flows to be continuously refined with the aim of reducing the impact on organisations and the environment.

One Express One Quality

We deliver any type of freight. Shipments, including ADR, are made safely in 24, 48, 72 hours every day throughout Italy, Europe and the UK, with industry-leading KPIs, very low damage risk of 0.83% and 98% punctuality.


135 of the best Italian carriers and the most efficient partners in Europe with over 357 delivery centres.


Our state-of-the-art headquarters and hub in Bologna has a 28,000 square metre logistics capacity.


We have logistics hubs in Bologna, Milan and Naples as well as top European partners. Instant quote.

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Why ship your pallets with One Express?

Efficient, competitive shipments

The fastest, guaranteed pallet shipments – the best value for money.

More than just carriers - we are your shipping partners

One Express hauliers – superior distribution specialists!

State-of-the-art logistics

Cut your costs through standardisation of measurements, modular loads and impeccable organisation.

One Express - a tried-and-tested franchise network

The experience and organisation of a franchise network spread across Italy and Europe, offering the highest quality and safety standards.

LTL groupage transport

Our p-mix LTL groupage service is where One Express Affiliates collect freight not only on pallets but also in boxes. The LTL (Less Than Truckload) service in One Express is also called p-mix (mixed pallet). Your packages are loaded onto pallets and sorted for the various destinations overnight at our hubs. That way you get 24 hours back – One takes care of everything!

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Pallets handled per day



One Express pallet transport provided by Affiliates:

Pallet shipping facilitated by an Artificial Intelligence System.
Pick-ups and deliveries of just one pallet through distributed coverage.

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    Over 357 depots throughout Europe

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    3 national hubs covering 47,000 m2
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    1,300 vehicles on the move every day
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    Over 900 operators
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    2,829,300 pallets handled per year