One Express: the smarter Network

  • One Express: the smarter Network

    One Express: the smarter Network

    One Express, a Network bringing together over 120 companies specialized in transporting goods by pallet throughout Italy, launches its application for smart-phones and tablets, to make dispatch management even easier and more immediate.

    Presented at the 2016 Convention, the One Express Pic & Go App will be available to all affiliates from early May.

    Focus on the quality of services is a top priority of One Express, the Italian Network that unites 120 companies specialized in the transport of goods by pallet.

    In order to make the management of deliveries and pickups faster, the Network IT department has designed and developed the new application One Express Pic & Go, designed to allow all drivers of affiliated companies to easily and quickly manage everyday jobs via smart-phone or tablet, an efficient tool always at hand.

    Via the iOS or Android app, each driver can see all scheduled deliveries and pickups arranged by the distances of the various destinations. This new tool allows drivers to set their navigators to the best route calculated by Google Maps, in order to complete the jobs in the shortest possible time. The application is also connected to Via1, the Network’s proprietary management system, allowing the jobs to be tracked in real-time.

    With ease, drivers can manage telephone bookings, notify collection and delivery of the goods and photograph the countersigned waybill as proof of delivery (PoD). Any damage found during pickup or delivery can be reported via the app with a simple photograph.

    Use of the app will allow affiliates to guarantee customers an even better service, constantly updated in real time, without the need to wait for the return of drivers for information on the day’s jobs.

    The launch of the One Express Pic & Go app is only one of several projects under development in order to  update and improve the IT tools of the Network, which is ever more geared towards growth in Italy and abroad.

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