One Express, from 2024 even more international

The year 2024 will also be full of surprises in terms of our international service. In the meantime, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, new partners have entered. Others will enter between now and the end of 2024.
The service is becoming more and more efficient. We have a service for some countries, such as Spain, which is Gold, so it is a fast service, because from the time it arrives in Barcelona, it only takes 24-48 hours and is delivered throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
This is a great strength of our company. Soon we will be joined by other partners from Northern Europe, who will also cover some services in which we were somewhat lacking.
What we want to do, is to offer services all over Europe every day, but also with a speed that can give a different service to the market.
The Munich Transport Logistic fair gave us very good results and this will allow us to grow significantly in the market. We are providing great assistance to our affiliates for goods destined for Europe.