Pallet transport finally straightforward and completely transparent

Few, very clear transport categories: only 5. An intuitive and immediate tool: quickly identify your shipping category, choose your delivery time and calculate your costs in an instant. With real benefits for multiple lots.

Choose from our additional services!

  • Track & Trace
  • ADR (dangerous goods transport)
  • Advance notice of delivery by telephone
  • Pallet unloading with lifting platform
  • Delivery by appointment
  • Upper floor delivery
  • Hand delivery (porterage)
  • Original transport document return
  • Basement unloading
  • Online proof of delivery
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Pallet type

Base up to 100x120 cm
Height up to 60 cm
Weight up to 150 kg

Base up to 100X120 cm
Height up to 80 cm
Weight up to 300 kg

Base up to 100x120 cm
Height up to 120 cm
Weight up to 550 kg

Base up to 100x120 cm
Height up to 220 cm
Weight up to 550 kg

Base up to 100x120 cm
Height up to 220 cm
Weight up to 1.000 kg

Discover all the One Express services and options

One Express, the experience and dependability of a franchising throughout Italy and Europe, with the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

The GOLD plan is an express service which greatly reduces transport times, with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, depending on destinations.


Delivery by

24 h

The SILVER plan is the standard that combines affordability and reliability: delivery within 48/72 hours with the same guarantee of reliability and precision as all One Express shipments.


Delivery by

24/72 h